Leicester City Women Football Club

Morgan: A whirlwind of emotions

Following Monday’s announcement that Leicester City will be playing Tier 2 football next season, we sat down with LCWFC Captain Holly Morgan to get her views ahead of a very busy summer and an exciting 2018/19 season.

You’ve had a bit of time for the announcement to settle in now, how do you feel?

HM: Since the announcement I’ve experienced a whirlwind of emotions which in all honesty I don’t think I’m all over yet. I’m delighted with the fact that the FA accepted our application because a lot of time and effort went into the making of that bid, so it’s a wonderful feeling to come out with a positive result after all of that hard work. Whilst the euphoria behind it all is still there, I have very much switched my brain on to the forthcoming season in readiness for the challenges we face ahead.

As a player who has been at Leicester City for 14 years, How have you seen the growth of the club?

HM: I have witnessed this Club come full circle. I joined the club aged 11 and I entered the first team as a 16 year old but didn’t entirely break into it until the age of 19. At 16, the Club had an abundance of talented players who are now playing at both WSL 1 and Championship levels. Examples being Remi Allen, Rachel Williams and Courtney Sweetman-Kirk. Unfortunately the Club experienced some difficulties during the 2012/13 season and it is at this point that I can say I witnessed the club being at its lowest point.

Upon dropping down into the Midland’s Women’s Combination League, a 5 year plan was implemented by the Chairman to revive the Club into a sustainable and financially viable infrastructure, capable of competing at the very heights of Women’s Football. I can happily say this has come to fruition albeit we will now be playing in the second highest tier of women’s football but our end goal is to reach FAWSL 1.

I am immensely proud to see the growth of this club and continue to feel excited about its development and progression within Women’s Football.

The players are all quite close, what’s the feeling like amongst them?

HM: First and foremost it has been the sole aim of this group of players to compete week in and week out at a professional level. The players were elated with the news and have already turned their attention to pre-season, focused to get back on to the training ground to get things under way.

How excited are you to be able to test this team against some of the best clubs in the country?

HM: This is a fast, relentless, strong, possession based team which has the ability to compete and be tested against higher placed teams. Whilst it’s going to be very tough and the hardest challenge we have faced as a club to date, I’m excited to see the way in which this Club will confront those tough tasks ahead.

What are your aims for the 18/19 season?

HM: We are a very ambitious club and always choose to reach for the sky and not the ceiling. Whilst this mantra is very important to stand by, I know that we are not fooled by the task ahead it is my primary aim to ensure that the Club continues to play within the top two tiers of Women’s Football.